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Leadership - Bridge Builders and Civil Engineers

Throughout our company's history, leadership has been the hallmark of our success. C.C. Myers, Inc.'s people are an exceptional group, including civil engineers, union construction workers, project management teams, who deliver excellence by recognizing the value of personal performance, accountability, and intelligently assessing available resources.

From day-to-day operations in the corporate office to constructing safe highway, bridge, and infrastructure projects in record time, our team is empowered to achieve their potential. Our team is the reason we are a top-tier highway and bridge construction company.


Daniel E. Himick Linda Clifford Steve Francis
Daniel E. Himick

Steve Francis
Vice President
  Gary Janco Richard Farnsworth Bob Kittredge
  Gary Janco
Outside Board Member
Richard Farnsworth
Outside Board Member
Bob Kittredge
Outside Board Member


Carla Bates Bill Kidwell Wee Chu Terrence McNamara Howard Zabell
Carla Bates
Human Resources Mgr
EEO Liason
Bill Kidwell, P.E.
Engineering Manager
Wee Chu
Chief Estimator
Terrence McNamara
Equipment Manager
Howard Zabell, P.E.
Business Development
Jeff Cavanagh Terrie Dillon Chris Rowley Jennifer Baker Dave Harris
Jeff Cavanagh
Contracts Manager
Terrie Dillon
Chris Rowley
Claims Manager
Risk Management
Jennifer Baker
Compliance Manager
Dave Harris
IT Manager


Northern California

Bob Coupe Shane Dees
Bob Coupe
Sr. Project Manager
Shane Dees
Sr. Project Manager
Southern California

David Espinoza Geoff Lister
David Espinoza
Sr. Project Manager
Geoff Lister
Sr. Project Manager
Mark Beadleston John Witmer
Mark Beadleston
Sr. Field Superintendent
John Witmer(Kojak)
Sr. Field Superintendent
Stever Myers Herb Albornoz
Steve Myers
Sr. Field Superintendent
Herb Albornoz
Sr. Safety Manager
Lisa Orgera  
Lisa Orgera
Sr. Safety Manager