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Company Founder Clinton C. Myers, one of thirteen children raised on a farm in San Bernardino, California, left the family farm at age 16 following his sophomore year of high school. Moving to Long Beach, he started work as a carpenter, became a foreman, and then embarked on a life-long career in the heavy highway engineering field. In 1973, he formed a construction company with his brother, moving on in 1977 to establish his own company C.C. Myers, Inc.

C.C. Myers, Inc.'s first project in its inaugural year was a $200,000 contract to tear down two old bridges over Interstate 80 near Nyack and Emigrant Gap in California's Sierra Nevada mountains and build four new bridges in their place. Since that time, the company has designed, repaired, and rebuilt some of California's most traveled highways and bridges. Earthquakes, floods, and even fire have challenged the company to respond with fast, innovative, high-quality fixes. Our partnerships at all levels of business are critical to our success and our employees are, to quote C.C. Myers, "the best around."

President Dan Himick joined the team in 2004 with more than 35 years in the heavy civil and deep foundation construction business on both the east and west coast.

Chief Financial Officer Linda Clifford, one of few professional women in a long term senior management position for a heavy highway construction company, has contributed to the growth and successful financial decision-making now for almost three decades. Steve Francis, Vice President currently overseeing Southern California operations, also has a senior position in the strategic planning and business development throughout the company. Gary Janco, the company's first employee, now retired, is a Board Member and ESOP Committee member and continues to impart his expertise to the company especially in the area of safety.

Experience, history, and longevity are part of the foundation of C.C. Myers, Inc. Many supervisory and core field personnel have been with the company for more than 15 years; together, they are some of the best construction minds in the industry, earning a reputation for producing successful results regardless of the circumstances. They continually prove the strength of C.C. Myers' original vision.

In 2006, the employees became even more involved in the successful outcome of the company when C.C. Myers, Inc. became an employee-owned company. Today the company is managed by a core team of executive managers and maintains a very flat, agile structure. This flat structure allows for accessibility to decision makers by employees at all levels and makes the company very responsive and innovative. Being an employee-owned company allows everyone who works at C.C. Myers, Inc. to make a real difference.

Through hundreds of public works projects for the State of California, including 18 emergency jobs to date, C.C. Myers, Inc. has held onto the same cornerstones that C.C. Myers began his career with… look for opportunity, work hard, stay safe, be honest and loyal to your partners, and focus on success. Mr. Myers' "Get it done" attitude still resonates throughout the company today.